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      公司是集科研、设计、制造、安装调试、培训咨询为一体的制水设备专业厂家。公司专注水处理设备的研究和开发,采用当今先进技术制造制水设备。公司拥有先进的纵环缝自动焊机、德国ORBITIC 全自动焊机和自动切割机、全自动抛光机、、全自动磨砂机、电解抛光设备、拉口机等先进装备,竭诚为全国医药、食品、化工等行业的水处理系统、配液系统、工艺管道、空气净化、空调系统等工程的新建和改造提供技术咨询、设计、制作及安装,并根据客户个性化需求提供各种规格的全套best365体育app下载、多效蒸馏水机、纯蒸汽发生器等。
      依靠强大的研发实力和前沿科技,本公司的产品结构独特、造型美观、高效节能,实行PLC 系统自动化控制,让广大客户的生产和控制实现智能管理。       
      公司将以先进的技术、可靠的质量、合理的价格、优质的服务,真诚与您合作,提供符合中国 GMP、欧盟 COS、美国  FDA 要求的系列制水设备,为医药、电厂、电子医疗、化工、食品等行业的客户提供最优质的产品、最满意的服务。
Company profile
      Jiangsu Huasheng Medical Equipment Co., ltd is located in the famous “Chinese lotus town” ---Baoying County, Yangzhou City, which is in the east of Jinghang Canal, crossed by high-speed railway and Huning speedway. Baoying has rich, extensive and profound culture, sustainable environment, and convent water and land transportation.
      Huasheng is a professional water treatment equipment manufacturer with the capacity of design, manufacturing, installation, training, consultancy and research. The company is focusing on water treatment R&D, to use new technology in producing water treatment equipment. We have automatic submerged arc welding machine, Germany made ORBITIC advanced automatic welding machine, automatic cutter, automatic polisher, automatic grinder, automatic electropolisher, Pulling machine etc. advanced equipment, serving all medical, food, chemical industry in China in engineering of buildup or modification, to provide technical consultancy, design, manufacturing and installation for water treatment system, dissolution system, process piping, air cleaning, AC system, and will provide all kinds of specific sets of water purifier, multiple - effect distilled water machine, steam generator etc. according to customer’s request.
      Based on strong R&D capability and advanced technology, our product has special structure, attractive design, high efficiency and energy – saving which is automatically controlled by PLC system, and this will help with customer’s automatic control and intelligent management.
      Huasheng will sincerely cooperate with customers by providing advanced technology, believable quality, reasonable price and excellent service, and our products - series of water treatment equipment will conform to Chinese GMP, EU’s COS and US’s FDA standard, to provide high quality products and satisfied service to customers of Medicine manufacturer, Power plant, E – medicine, chemicals and Food industry.
      Sincerely expecting hand in hand cooperates with various friends altogether to create our mutual resplendence!